Links to some of my Liberty BASIC pages

Through the years LB has given me a great deal of pleasure, and helped many of my students, young and old, discover the pleasures of programming.

Recently I have been having fun using LB for tasks on the Rosetta Code project site, which shows just how versatile LB is.

All the following links go to pages showing some of my coding, coloured by my interests in applied technology, interfacing to hardware, physics & maths

Graphics demos LB graphic primer/tutorial.
Serial port programming. Also parallel & usb adaptors.
Airwriter POV programming.
CeeMe Making my home screen visible on the 'net.
Screen View also does this via ftp. Also see Screengrabbing.
Producing a 3D display of a function.
Conway's Life & animated versions.
HodgePodge,, a cellular automaton.
Mandy, generates mandelbrots and mandelbars.
To understand complex number operations, look at 'Complexity'
Matrix Inversion and a library of easy-to-use functions to enter and manipulate matrices.
Investigation of Langton Loops
An unusual polynomial in x and y- the Fish Graph.
Hiding text without encryption- Steganography
Fetching images from meteorological Internet sites.
Plotting a function is easily given a GUI.
Using self-modifying Basic code to check number of times a program was previously run ( & an analogue thermometer example)
A tutorial on simulation of 1D and 2D motion.
Modelling Population in the classic Fox/Rabbit Lotke/Volterra scenario.
CamParer which monitors a webcam and displays changes as a flicker-comparison, and as 'difference' image.
Fourier analysis of WAV files. Also Explain Fourier
Rainbow, showing formation of primary 'bows.
A page showing interfacing with Brian Schmalz's UBW Bitwhacker.
Rasto, a newer version of my Rasterbator clone.
A test of various PRNGs, ie programmable pseudo random number generators.
Things to be aware of in LB4's PRNG
Use of the calculable sequence of a PRNG to encrypt and decrypt.
Ulam spirals .
How to distribute limited-run trial versions of your code and copy protect it- Protection.
My weather station in the UK.
How to interface to USB Weather stations.
Yin & Yang pattern generator.
1D cellular automata.
Vending machine programming task example.
Changing bits in programs and on ports.
Gray Code demonstrations.
Grid demonstrates distorting rectangular grids in possibly aesthetic ways.
Laplace, Colour ranges and Colour coding are pages about encoding numerical data in colour-coded images.
Morse generates Morse code tones from text.
Trebuchet models this ancient weapon.
TimeLapse taking regular webcam pictures under program control.
Bulls and Cows game Scores for a human player, or plays itself ( AI).
Demo of Stacks with info. pushed and popped.
Generating eggbot plotting files in SVG.
Making the mechanics of an eggbot.
colour coding geographical elevation data.
Visualisation of 2D and 3D datasets.
3D mapping & Orienteering.
360 degree 'inverse panorama' photography. .
Using ImageMagick to load, save and operate on images of all types.
Slow, but even more versatile, is to manipulate bitmaps in LB at the pixel level.
These techniques are used in Conical projections

Showing the effects of Sea Level Rise.
Decoding seven-segment displays with no data output by Camera to computer examination.
Interfacing to a Bifilar Plotter..
Interfacing to a Bead Sorter.
Generating and displaying 3D paths and shapes via simple DXF files.
Bulk sending of e-mails.
Printing text along computed paths- for fun! See Wavy-text.
Predicting Tides. One dimensional automata.
Counting word frequency in source text..

Sometimes I put here problems that were put on the LB forums, asking for help. that I contributed to.
Calorie counting.
Predicting sunrise.
Showing k Nearest, a statistic of 'closeness' in 2D.
Helping 'Ripsaw'.
The classic 'Password' cracking- WHOPR.
Overlaying archaeological field-finds data on a map.
Extending Turtle drawing.
Various ciphering programs.
Demonstrating distributing processing of parallel programs across a home network.

My original site of multiple types of LB application was hosted by RM plc.

It included links to a Rasterbator clone, and an Airwriter version using the Brian Schmalz's 'UBW' USB port; serial links to servo drivers and interfaces; Travesty generator; etc, and disco lights driven from parallel port.

Since RM seem incapable of removing it or continuing to give me access, these pages were moved to this personal site. Any known problems are dealt with on the Errata page. In particular, there is an update of the Travelling Salesman solutions.

An article about the misunderstanding of diodes in circuits. (Word document. Simulations were in LB but now in Spice.)

outdated info. on me and my interests.

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A Raspbery Pi ADC in Python.
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