Password Protection

Password entry as shown in the 'movies'.

I've enjoyed umpteen movies and DVDs in which someone is shown 'hacking a password'. For reasons of heightening dramatic tension, the electronic display nearly always shows the hacker getting feedback whenever he/she hits any single correct digit of the required password. Surely no-one would write such code! The following program is my homage to them! Type your guesses into the lower textbox and press [Submit]. Any correct letters are shown. Don't cheat ( at least not right away).

Download from the link and unzip.

Remember 'War Games' and other films of the early days of computers in films? MY first digital circuits used valves and neon indicators and war-surplus switches.... WWII that was....! ( aka. 'The Great Patriotic War'.)

Gauss said he achieved his results 'durch planmassiges Tattonieren'. ( - sometimes attributed to Einstein) My results come more from inspired guesswork and serendipity.