TS Staff- John Fisher

ICT bod and general make-work . . . I have been at TS now for 33 years in various roles such as Chief Scout, Boss of Physics, Canoe person and at present as the person who tries to satisfy everyone's computer needs & usually fails. My present Job Description is 'ICT Co-ordinator'. Since I first exhibited Taunton School computers nationally in 1978 I have tried to keep ahead of the rapid developments in computers. I have been associated with Wills East, School House & Marshall as Assistant Housemaster for most of those years.
I was born in the Lake District, so the hills are very much 'in my blood'- while my wife, as a South Wales-ian, is more at home by the sea. I have spent well over two calendar years of my career running camps and activities in North Wales or the Lakes, Brecon Beacons or Dartmoor. At present I take odd mountain bikers out to the hills. When possible I go out with DofE, Ten Tors, canoeists, etc.

My interests at Cambridge were directed to the new fields of materials science, designer materials, & the 'new' field of semiconductors. It was from this background that I went into teaching, & started promoting electronics in TS.
Both my children went through TS. My wife & family are very much central to my life. But so are outdoor non-team activities like canoeing, orienteering, skiing, pot holing, and, most recently, paragliding.
I enjoy travel abroad & communicationg in other languages. I speak English & Science fluently.
I have always been fascinated by the 'way things work', & our ability to use this scientific knowledge to develop marvelously helpful technologies. I very much enjoyed Physics & the pupils I had. I developed computing in Taunton School first 25 years ago from within Sciences, and eventually left Head of Physics to front our computer developments. It is very satisfying to have seen it expand from something for a handful of enthusiasts to an all-embracing area needing many staff to be able to develop its multiple facets.

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