Some LB projects I've played with.

Liberty BASIC is just SO versatile! Thanks, Carl! I've always found programming odd things is fascinating. LB allows me to do it so easily with a standard Windows front end. Mind you I look forward to the Linux version and LB5- I am not a fan of Microsoft's way of treating its customers!

Let me know of any problems or if you have ideas for improvements do e-mail me! New ones added occasionally.


A fun demonstrator of logarithmic and linear spirals, prompted by a topic raised in the conforum..

Available as s.graph9.bas

Now I've got to make it save the rotated versions of a particular one to make this animated HypnoDisk better! Current stopgap was rotated and cropped very roughly, by hand...


Quick programming exercise to show superposed circular wave fronts and the resulting 'Interference patterns'.

Available as superposition.bas
In my far-off youth I'd have had to draw this accuratel;y with rulers and compasses....

Sieve of Eratosthenes- primes

Visual demonstration showing the sieving as it happens as a visual analogue.

Available as sieve.bas
At some stage I'll modify to show the Ulam spiral version.

MIDI exemplar

Just to make sure I understand how to send MIDI commands!

Available as randomMIDInoises3.bas


Theremins normally operate when you wave a hand near them rather than a mouse! Wave your mouse to control pitch and volume....

Available as theremin.rar


Solves visually the classic problem of drawing a circle to touch three others.

Available as apollonius10.bas

Population Pyramids

This shows animated diagrams of the aging of cohorts of males and females. Play Malthus and try to get a stable population!!

Available as populater8.bas

Travelling salesman


Available as travSales.bas

Motion under central forces


Versions available include Slingshot

Oscilloscope CRO

Have just done a CRO front end to display wav files as a CRO would show them. Needs further work.

Available as a zipped file

Sky projection

I created this custom display for a student who'd scanned the sky with a photocell with altitude/azimuth coordinates & wanted a colour-coded display of intensity.
(Please note his data is a bit suspect!)

Available as Zip file


I finally wrote a Haiku generator.
Typical output is
 A hurried link . . .
    The curve crawls at speed the rate.
    Recent data.

 The recent troll . . .
    A cell ends ahead the wave.
    Sudden link.

 The Basic step . . .
    A root crashed throughout a byte.
    Top-down human.

 A broken PC . . .
    A zero sighs beyond a shade.
    Careless link.

 A stylish bit . . .
    The shape crashed but then a zero.
    Recent program.

Travesty Generator

A Travesty generator, based on the Byte articles back in the golden years. Creates various levels of travesty text based on a source text- those included are varied but supply your own too. Give it a sample of text in a style or language & it will generate drivel based on the letter frequencies AND letter sequence frequencies.

Better not let my American friends see what it made of the Declaration of Independence! Also fun to try on foreign text; Shakespeare; eecummings; or use a LB program as source text!

SIRDS (Random Dot Stereograms

Try my 'Magic Eye' SIRD generator. (needed me to find the structure of bmp files) which takes a greyscale bitmap & creates a magiceye. Here in UK we sometimes send cards on Valentine's Day declaring (anonymously) our love. We did a trade in cards where if you stare long enough the name of the anonymous beloved suddenly becomes visible in the random dots. Our experience is that 1 person in 4 sees the result readily; and about 1 in 4 can never see them! Very frustrating for the latter... let me know if you can see this one.... which I change regularly & MAY not be anything other than a random pattern!!!

3D Surfaces

Anyone else improve my 3D surface generator- displays a function f( x,y) as a pseudo-3D figure. I must modify it now Carl has indeed added the EVAL function.

I know you can do similar in Excel or similar but it is more fun to construct yourself a unique display.

Disco Lights

Latest version of my disco lights to sequence parallel-port mains bulbs along with an on-screen mimic. See also Disco LB lights

I use these as an attention-getter in my school & for disco lights etc. Last seen flashing in the days before Xmas 2002.

Serial port interfacing

Serial port projects- serial interfaces to r/c servos & interface boxes.

These drive model r/c servos or serial devices from serial ports. Mostly applied to demonstration models.

Reaction Testing Project

A data-gathering Reaction tester project. (as used over the last few years at my school)

Collects reaction times & allows analysis by age, sex and handedness of testee- and by keys/ colours used.


A version of a Kaleidoscopes.

Pure geometric fun.


Similarly my cycloids demonstrator.

They do both produce rather nice patterns.

High Precision PI to 1000's of places

I have played quite a lot with high-precision numbers where importance is in every figure & no rounding to say ten places is allowed. Variations on this are my PI programs, which calculate PI with various levels of speed & precision, & by very diferent techniques including Monte Carlo methods & power series.

Fractals using QO descriptors

A standard descriptor for fractal shapes is demo'd in QO fractals.

Breaks a straight line into increasingly fragmented segments.

IFS Fractals

Random iteration & a little data yields complex shapes. Try my IFS fractal generator As used for the Season's Greetings on Xmas Day- now including the missing star.bmp I didn't put on Liberty Basic Yahoo group notice.

1D motion by solving differential equations of motion

Simulations of motion in 1D by continuous solution of the (differential) equations of motion- eg that of a Driven Pendulum.

Parallel port interfacing

Several circuits to run the parallel port (if you have one) as an input or output device. The image is adapted from 'Parallel Port Visualiser'- thanks!

Available as 1in1out.bas
Also parporttest3.bas which is slightly more complex.
You may need external.bmp and port.bmp

Use of 'Random' (pseudo random, equal probability number)

This demonstrates that any program relying on a computer generated 'random number' should be treated cautiously!

Available as rands.bas

Many thanks to Carl for hours of pleasure (& frustration)