Random Numbers -simulating the randomness of a die.

Random - - Sequential -

This image shows an animation of a program that throws decimal digits successively and checks if all digits are equally frequent.

A 'ten-sided die' animation.

Demonstration of any correlation between a random decimal digit from a PRNG and the next one produced.

In computing we make huge use of 'pseudo randomm number generators' or PRNGs.

However it proved very difficult to make reliably good ones. Most modern ones stir in external randomness or 'entropy' from unpredictable things like user typing, disk access or w.h.y.

I have lots of pages relating to random numbers, including multiple tests via eg chi-squared to show the ( tiny) bias of LB's PRNG.

I also keep finding interesting little connected items- or ways to show/use randoms in code, especially gaphic output code.