Images 'in'the-air'

I have lashed up two LB programs to feed a strip of 8 LEDs with bit patterns to make text appear when the array is scanned in front of you. Persistence of vision does the rest. I can thoroughly recommend Brian Schmalz's UBW circuit and the lovely little 25$ board of it made by Spark Fun Electronics.

The first prog. writes your chosen text on screen in your choice of font, scaled suitably. It is then scanned pixel by pixel to find the matrix to display. This is reconstituted on-screen as a check, and also you can save the array data.

The second simpler program reads this array and outputs it as fast as it can loop to the Bitwhacker as a serial port.

The program is not yet complete and fully de-bugged. I'm working on it! You can try the (minimalist!) program which displays the data as RunSeqFile.bas or the unfinished generator of the byte sequences as FlashOutPins12.bas